About ceramic coatings

What are ceramic coatings and are they worth it?

“I’ve seen the videos, and it looks incredible…but is it true?”

The short answer is yes, ceramic coatings are an incredible solution that can protect various surfaces and make them look better than they did before. This is where easy maintenance and beauty are merged into one product. It’s a high-quality, transparent sealant that forms a semi-permanent bond with whatever it comes in contact with. So it both lasts and protects. 

There are several lotions and potions you can use to spice up the appearance of a surface and protect it from the elements. Whether it’s your vehicle, boat, plane, countertop, bathroom, patio furniture, or pretty much anything else, we know you are constantly searching for the best solution to keep it looking tip-top.

The prep work means that your car or boat or whatever you choose to apply it to will mean It makes your long term care easier as much as it leaves you feeling stoked about its appearance. These days you will see ceramic coatings all over social media and at many service centers across the country. Maybe you’ve seen the crazy videos of people setting the hoods of their vehicles on fire and deliberately making a mess of their newly coated item and it barely leaving a mark. We get it, it looks like a miracle option, and it really is an amazing product. But we get your suspicions.

We know you don’t need gimmicks, you need facts.

You should know the realities of ceramic coatings and what they can do for your car, boat or plane (or any surface…think barbeques, marble countertops and bathroom mirrors). I think this product might be the longer-term solution you’ve been looking for, but let me lay down the facts for you.

what is a ceramic coating?

The best way to explain a ceramic coating is to relate it to a layer of clothing that shields you from the elements.

A protective armor if you will. But stylish.

It’s designed to withstand whatever you or the environment can throw at it (remember those cars set on fire? Not that. Think of real situations you might encounter, not to deny any of you your big ‘Fast and Furious’ moment). This coating becomes a sacrificial outer layer that can easily be repaired if you run into any trouble while maintaining that high-end aesthetic value and look of your car, boat or plane.

Ceramic coatings utilize very tiny particles that form a very fine, thin layer that protects from self-inflicted oopsies or environmental wear and tear. These small particles seal the pores of the substrate making the surface superhydrophobic (water-repellent) as well as resistant to oxidation, sun damage, chemicals and dirt build-up.

The coating forms a semi-permanent bond with whatever it comes in contact with. This results in a layer of protection that will not wash away from cleaning and chemicals. The only way to remove these coatings is through abrasion.

The ceramic coating repels dirt and water unlike anything else in the market. Their durability and functionality are second to none aside from PPF – Paint Protection Film. Ultimately, a ceramic coating enhances the look, shine and feel and protects it for the long haul.

What are ceramic coatings applied to?

Being hydrophobic, stain-resistant and durable, ceramic coatings when applied well, are great solutions for most surfaces. Today, you can find ceramic coatings on everything from powerboats, yachts and race cars to everyday vehicles and wake boats. And this is where most of the world of ceramic coating has revolved for a while. 

But considering the fact that its core functions are to prevent, protect and enhance, it’s an exciting, newly accessible product you can apply pretty much anywhere. Walk throughout your home or office and consider some of the things that would be easier to clean with a protective coat? 

Your mirrors, countertops and windows can be coated. Your outdoor appliances that get hit by the weather sometimes? They can be coated. Your kitchen tables, fireplaces and stained cupboards? Those too.

Why do you need a ceramic coating?

So you have a car (maybe you are detailing it or own it) and you want it to look absolutely stunning, except even better than the day it came out of the manufacturer’s doors and found its way to you. But despite how well you take care of your things, damage from the sun, tree sap, road grime, everyday use…can still take a huge toll. So upkeep is a constant expense and a regular to-do on your list. But having to constantly wash and maintain your car is time-consuming, strenuous and costly.

Regular washing just doesn’t offer you any protection and often this process strips away conventional forms of protection like wax and sealants which are short term solutions with low durability. And of course, we have to talk about time: these options take time. For the result you want, you need to work at it for hours and often. We want to give you back your time with a finish you deserve.

What does a ceramic coating do?

It’s obvious to us why ceramic coatings are gaining in popularity. Never before have there been products durable enough to stand up to the type of abuse your car, boat or plane. There are so many benefits but here are a few of the best ones:

Protection from sun damage / oxidation / corrosion

Your car, boat or plane are inevitably exposed to the sun, salt or acid rain. Sometimes they experience every season leading to oxidation, corrosion and an overall less than the beautiful exterior. This damage comes in the form of color fading, rust, and degradation of the substrate.

Hydrophobicity… It’s extremely water-repellent

One of the most desired features of a ceramic coating is that it repels water. This basically creates a self-cleaning effect. As water comes in contact with your vehicle it gathers the dirt and carries it away. Sounds easy right? Well yes and no. Ceramic coatings will greatly reduce your cleaning because most of the dirt gets removed from the initial rinse, but sometimes you need to add a little extra cleaning or effort to get it perfect.

Reduce dirt and grime build-up

Ceramic coatings reduce the surface tension of whatever surface they’re applied to. Remember earlier when we described how the ceramic coating utilizes tiny particles to fill in the pore of the substrate? Well, this action doesn’t allow dirt and grime to embed itself into the substrate. This coupled with hydrophobicity makes for an easy maintenance process and rapidly reduces the amount of time you spend with upkeep.

Stain resistance

Without question, ceramic coatings are proven to be resistant to stains. Like we mentioned above, those tiny particles fill the pores of the substrate, blocking tannins or other staining agents from penetrating and leaving a stain behind.


Once a ceramic coating has been applied, you can expect the surface to look new for many years to come. Ceramic coatings cannot be removed with conventional wash methods. They won’t be worn down by day-to-day weather impacts like wax and sealants can. The only way to remove a ceramic coating is to polish it off. Finally, protection that lasts.

What ceramic coatings Don’t do?

A lot of companies and overzealous salesmen will lead you to believe that a ceramic coating will last a lifetime, or that you can set it on fire, throw rocks at it or hit it with lighters and it will be totally fine. These are all mostly stunts meant to grab your attention and they are simply unrealistic. Ceramic coatings are not designed to protect from total disaster. A phone cover is great and really helps keep your phone working longer with better protection. But don’t drop it off a ten-story building and expect it to turn on afterward. Ceramic coatings are protection and prevention, within reason.

And while we are discussing it, ceramic coatings are not designed to eliminate cleaning or routine maintenance. Ceramic coatings are intended to greatly reduce your cleaning and maintenance efforts, not eliminate it.

Ceramic coatings do not stop scratches, rock chips, barnacle growth, dents, meteor showers or any other out of this world catastrophe that may happen to you while on the road, on the water or in the air. All we are saying is, its a great product, but don’t set your car on fire.

Are ceramic coatings for you?

Absolutely! The marginal investment from a DO IT YOURSELF standpoint makes a ceramic coating more than worth the money and time it takes to install them. The costs will pay for themselves in a matter of months. If you prefer that quality finish you’re so used to seeing on the Internet, consider asking a pro to help you with it. If you calculate the upfront cost of the coating over the entire protected period you’re looking at, that’s less than $0.25 a day.

The important thing to remember is that ceramic coatings are an essential asset in maintaining and cleaning your prized possessions. Ceramic coatings are not the end all do all and nothing lasts a lifetime. What you can expect is an amazing looking item that looks like it came right from the manufacturer and ultimately gives you peace of mind.

How do you Get a Ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are just now getting the attention they deserve. Sure, you can save money buying the same old waxes and sealants you’ve always used, but those aren’t the long-term solutions to problems that constantly keep reoccurring.

There are two options if you want to enjoy the benefits of a ceramic coating.

• Have it installed by a professional
• Do it yourself

Professional installation

Ceramic coatings start at $500 and go up.

A ceramic coating applied by a professional is the preferred choice for people looking for a guarantee that their car, boat or plane comes out looking as good or better than all the hype videos seen on the internet. It’s not just that they know what they are doing, many of them have perfected their own techniques and styles to finishes that leave you feeling confident in your purchase.

A professional knows how to execute every step of preparation with the utmost of standards. The coating itself is a simple wipe-on/wipe-off process that most can do. However, only a professional with an experienced eye will know how to polish and prep your car, boat or plane to perfection- and be thorough enough to make sure you have that perfect finish.

Pros of having a professional install a ceramic coating:

  • Ensure installation goes flawlessly
  • Have your car, boat or plane paint corrected to the highest of standards
  • Create a long-term care plan that suits your needs
  • Quick turnaround – these guys are fast


Protection products $9.99-$249.

Most ceramic companies choose to work only with professionals, mainly because they utilize outdated formulas that are difficult to work with, require the installer to work quickly and have climate barriers that require you to have a climate-controlled shop.

Our ceramic coatings have been specially formulated to be easily applied by experts or complete noobs. We have figured out a way to offer you extremely durable professional-grade products that perform as described.

As we said before, applying the coating is the easy part.

A ceramic coating will give you the protection and ease of cleaning. But, if you’re looking for a high-end, concours look, we suggest hiring a professional.

Pros of installing the ceramic coating yourself:

  • Cheaper than having a pro do it
  • Have it done on your own time
  • Personal satisfaction when you step back and see how amazing your car, boat or plane looks.
  • Customize your own package

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