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I’m Joel Accuardi and the owner of TCC. First and foremost, I want to thank you for visiting our site and giving us your consideration – at TCC we appreciate every moment valuing our time and yours.

I want to tell you about me and how I came to start The Ceramic Company.

I am 32 years old and currently reside in Dallas, Texas. In 2005, I sort of stumbled into detailing. I was 18 years old, had recently moved out of my parents’ house, and really didn’t have a clue. I had no job, no resume of value and no education. Frightening story with little hope, right?

So, anyway, there I am driving down PCH one day in Southern California, daydreaming about living in one of the many cliffside houses I was passing by, sitting in my red 1995 Toyota Tercedes and wishing things were different.

I’m not sure what made me notice but the car in front of me had a magnet on it that said Captains Crew Yacht Service. I figured what the hell – so I called. A woman answered and after a brief 5-minute talk she offered me a job starting immediately.

Wait, seriously? Me of all the people?

And all I had to do was wear shorts and flip flops. Sold!

I had no clue what I was in for. I showed up to work with no knowledge about detailing or what a buffer did and what that blue stuff was. I saw her employees putting that stuff onto these machines and smearing it all over. It was a lot to take in. Six guys running around a boat doing lord knows what and there I was; a noob, if you will.

After a 15-minute crash course, I was handed my tool and thrown into my work. But once my boss left, man, that crew came alive. I worked side by side with them all day, having an absolutely amazing time. I felt amazing, picked up a suntan, and (being an instant gratification type of person) was feeling rather proud of myself. We took this crap of a boat and made it look new and shiny. The transformation was real, the environment couldn’t have been better and the pay wasn’t too bad. I was stoked and instantly hooked. I remained at this job for a couple of years where I eventually built and ran a crew of my own. If you take anything from this part of my story, it should be this: I loved my work.

Fast forward some years to 2014. I am sitting in my detail shop, super bored and frustrated. I felt I had exhausted my opportunity threshold detailing. There was nothing new and exciting in my industry. It was the same crappy, horrible looking boat or car that needed the same work. And after all my hard work it would take months to start to wear on and tear. What a vicious cycle.

I began looking for solutions, maybe stronger waxes or some sort of wonder polymer, that would preserve the work I was doing for my clients. And that’s when I discovered it: Ceramic Coatings. There was a lot of talk about molecules and nanotechnology and this stuff was sold in Coca Cola sized bottles for thousands and thousands of dollars. Coming from the $30 tub-of-wax world, I was intrigued…maybe a little suspicious. But being the risk-taker, I purchased my first bottle.

I had a very special client who trusted me and allowed me to use his boat as a guinea pig. It took me two weeks to complete the job for him. But hey, I was one of the first people in the United States to do this so the lack of support might explain why it took so long. Today I can do this job in less than 2 days with our new formulas. I’m sure it’s no spoiler…I was hooked.

I was absolutely blown away by the look, unlike anything I had produced before, and the feel. It was astonishing and the protective values were second to none. I immediately caught what I call the “Ceramic Fever”. Everyone’s stuff now needed to be coated! And I mean everything. I coated cars, boats, planes, firearms, yeti cups and BBQ’s.

One year and many ceramic coating jobs later, and there I am, talking to the president of Ceramic Pro. He’s offering me a VP position within the company. With great excitement, I accepted the position. I knew my stuff at this point. I was one of the first. So I worked there for 3 years teaching thousands of detailers how to apply ceramic coatings and become experts selling these services to their clients. We set up distribution channels, detail centers and ultimately became the leading company within the industry.

But by 2018 I was exhausted working because I was working for someone else. They operated in ways that I didn’t want to and they were using outdated products that cost too much. Ultimately, I lost that excitement.

So I did what I’ve always done. I took another risk. I opened my own business. Because you know…I think we can do it better. I had help from a good friend of mine who lent me his time and some capital to get going. At the near end of the decade, TCC was founded.

We are a company built within the industry by people who love everything about the work we do. TCC is made of true industry professionals. We’ve been on the ground floor from the beginning. We know what it takes to get your stuff looking awesome and what it’ll take to keep it looking great. Our products are for everyone, from professionals to DIYers. With us, you can expect quality work, important values and a moral code that honors transparency and trust with our customers. After all, we are nothing without you.

The Ceramic Company is dedicated to providing quality products without the fluff, glitz, glamour and false sense of novelty. It is, after all, your boat or your car that is classic. We want that to be what shines. It’s no gimmick or game to us. Our products are made to be extremely durable but easy to use. You’ll get a professional grade but at a DIY price. We give you realistic expectations and know that your money didn’t come easy. We respect that. We have been truly fortunate to have so many amazing relationships with our partners and community. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and we look forward to having your back.

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